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Ladle Car Weighing System

We SENLOGIC designed and developed ready to deploy a MOBI RAIL based weighing system to weigh the Hot metal ladle car capacity up to 400 tons. The MOBI RAILis designed to withstand high harsh environment without scarifying the accuracy of weighing, which can be fitted in the existing rail without any civil and structural modifications. Our MOBI RAIL is suitable for tough environmental conditions.

The Mobil rail facilitates and accommodates various types of ladle car configuration to weigh in static and dynamic mode.Our MOBI RAIL is high temperature weighing sensor could able to withstand and accurately weigh up to 200 degree Celsius. The sensor can be used without water, air, oil berging for higher temp and special application.

Key Features

 High accuracy

 Wireless transmission of the weight to PC (or) PLC

 Civil work is most minimum

 MOBIRAIL based static weighing of ladle cars

 Suitable for tough environmental conductions

 Mechanically rugged design

 High resistance to the influence of temperature

 MOBIRAIL is modular based weighing structure

Site Installation Photos

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