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Hot Metal SMS Crane Weighing System

SENLOGIC cranes weighing system designed to record display and transmits the crane lifting load for any make and model of crane. No matter the type of crane prevent us installing such system. We conceptualize,conceive custom designed according to specific crane being used in SMS, Scrape handing, billet and finished product handling. We not only provide weighing solution but also provide state of art technology incorporated in transfer of the data remotely through wireless/ GSM /GPRS MODEM/ WIFI/MESHtechnologies. Nomatter how critical the solution is Aditya team find the right solution with a great involvement in the technology design and implementation from concept to commissioning.

Key Features

 High accuracy & reliability

 Custom designed to suit specific design and application

 Remote connection through RF/GSM modem

 Hassle free installation

 No mechanical and electrical modification

 Wireless communication between the load cell / encoder remove the requirement of festooning cable

 Customized load pin /Load cell

 High temperature for SMS and steel melting shop & other application

 Robust maintenance free system

 Full onsite commissioning and support

Site Installation Photos

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