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Our KIMAX 2 is most simples in design and best one in accuracy and repeatability. The system works on the principle of that the strain gauge pasted on the axle sensor, bending for acting axle is sensed by our axle sensor and weight is calculated. The low level signal from the axle sensor is amplified and filtered by the high precision monolithic A/D converter and converted into Digital format. The digitized data is being further processed and store according to the customer need and application.

Key Features

 Current total load for the entire vehicle

 Total weight per tractor/trailer

 Current load on all individual axles

 Payload for the entire vehicle

 Payload per tractor/trailer

 Alarm for overload on individual axles

 Alarm for total weight on trailer

 All weights is displayed in tonnes

 No Need to go weigh bridge all the time, know the weight in truck its self

Site Installation Photos

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