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Rail In Motion

The state of art highly sophisticated yet simple in-motion weighing system has been designed and developed indigenously. With conventional systems, each wagon has to be uncoupled from those adjacent to it, and then carefully positioned and parked on the weighbridge before its weight can be recorded.

Weighing is crucial to cost-control and safety in virtually every aspect of business operation from monitoring product deliveries to avoiding overloading penalties.

Often located in remote or harsh conditions, weighing systems need to be in place with minimal disruption to normal traffic. Freight may need to be weighed at high speed as many customers operate a huge variety of locomotives and rolling stock.

Our Indicator is innovative system is designed to detect the different type of wagons to initiate the axle or bogie weighing. Also it automatically detects the different type of engines and eliminates its Weighment. The speed of wagon is directly related to the accuracy of weighment. The high speed A/D Micro Controller are having a remarkable compatibility to achieve accurate weighment even up to a speed of *15KM/hr.

Key Features

 Fix In Embedded – Rail Mounted Sensor With Hermitically Sealing

 Pitless Design Option Under Single Roof

 High Speed And High Accuracy

 Automatic Correction Of Gain And Zero

 Automatic Identification Of Wagon And Engine

 Anti Roll Back Upto 65000 Wheels

 Direct Print Out Of Rake Information

 Advanced Over Speed Indication

 Automatic Direction Selection

 In - Built Surge Protection And Lightning Arrestor

 Weather Proof Design

Site Installation Photos

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