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Bucket Continuous Weighing System For Clinker

SENLOGIC has developed an innovative dynamic scale to measure the continuous flow of hot clinker with a high of accuracy and reliability. The material can be on either in bucket or continuous chain conveyor. The load cell and the structure are designed to meet the requirement of hot environment. The system can be installed online with minimum shutdown. An accurate recording of weight and number of bucket can be recorded and stored in the non volatile memory is an added advantage to the user. The analog and digital outputs are optionally provided to interface with the system with plant SCADA/DCS/PLC. Optional diverter and pusher can be added for cement bag, steel billet weighing and shorting.

Key features

 High accuracy

 Civil work is most minimum

 Mechanically rugged design

 Suitable for tough environmental conductions

 High reliability using proven load cell design

 MOBIRAIL based static weighing of Metro Coaches

 MOBIRAIL is modular based weighing structure

Site Installation Photos

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