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Dumper Load Monitoring System

Overload Prevention and Production Monitoring

The Dumper Load payload monitoring system for off-highway rigid dump trucks was developed directly on opencast sites in order to perfect the instrument’s inherent operating and automation characteristics.

The integration of the instrument into the dumper work cycles makes productivity monitoring much easier and more accurate.

Lower maintenance costs

Versatile and fully automatic, this product ensures that the dumper is used in compliance with its design standards. Preventing overload means lower maintenance costs and tire wear, both important points to consider when managing a dumper fleet. The instrument is also capable of remote transmission of load status in order to optimize fleet distribution inside a mine. Proper distribution of the fleet cuts down on unproductive delays and assists in the decision-making process with regard to its replacement. It is clearly an indispensable tool that ensures reliable data and eliminates queries.

Key Features

 Programmable maximum load

 Axle weight monitoring

 Loading machine payload monitoring

 Loading indicator lights

 Loading/unloading cycle management

 Fully automatic without the need for human intervention

 D- Logger port for pocket-size data memory or real-time wireless data transmission

Site Installation Photos

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